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    We want happy members so please read this before joining.
    About ~ being spiritual ~ spirits ~ spiritualism ~ mediums

  2. *.¸¸.☆.¸¸.✫ Welcome To Our Forum Community ✫.¸¸.☆.¸¸.*

    All about Us. Keep an eye on what is happening with the forum and community, updates, changes and important information.

    Crystal Tarot

    Tell us about yourself so we may welcome you and get to know each other. What drew you here, why did you join?

  3. First Steps to Soul Development

    Got a question? Not sure where to post? Ask it here and we will do all we can to help. No question too small! No answer too big! This section covers it all!

    First Steps to......

    6,840 posts

    The First Steps section is all about finding your feet and taking your first steps towards a new goal. Click on the topic links above to go to that section


    Crystal Tarot
  4. Personal Improvement Workshops

  5. Soul Development Courses

    Find out all about this section , upcoming courses, how to sign up and lots more.

    No posts here yet

    Learn how to improve your own healing abilities, learn how to help others.

    Soul Orbs

    15 posts

    Find out more about our Soul Development Orbs, how to use them and what they are.



    61 posts

    All about using crystals, finding out the best ways to learn from them and how to recognise their energies.

  6. Health For The Soul

    Our Healing List

    69 posts

    A list for all to use, just add a few details to the list.

    Crystal Tarot

    Health, Fitness, Diet, Complimentary therapies




    1,253 posts

    Discuss all aspects of Reiki and other healing energy systems.


    Crystal Tarot

    Our special place to remember..


    Crystal Tarot

    A tranquil place with help and support for those left behind after suffering a loss.

    No posts here yet

  7. The Soul Inspiring Diet - Eating well for health and happiness

    For everyone - Details of how to apply for access to this area.

  8. Touch Your Soul - Home Of The Empaths

    A place of peace and calmness for all Empaths and Sensitives among us. Member's only so no intrusive search engines or bots can intrude.


    Feeling Sensitive?

    512 posts

    Feeling sensitive, new to empathy and want tips on how to cope? Find out more about being empathic here.

    Telepath John
  9. Spirit and Soul


    76 posts

    Discuss all aspects of spirituality, what does it mean to you, what can we do to be more spiritual, beliefs and views.


    Discuss the 'clairs' what are they, how do they work, find out more about angels.

    Spirits and Stuff

    215 posts

    General Discussion and topics on all things spirit


    Discuss and learn more about Silver Birch's wisdom.


    103 posts

    Discussion about mediums, developing, believing or just finding out more.

  10. Soul Support

    Need some advice on a situation? Want to ask a 'Dear Abbey..' or 'Dear Albert'?
    Not readings - Not spiritual answers - just plain old straight forward advice.

    All posts are pre-moderated to check for suitable content and will appear shortly.

    Not sure of something, need some help along the way post here and we can help point you in the right direction.

  11. Crystals For The Soul

    Frequently Asked Questions about Crystals and Crystal Healing.


    Crystal Tarot

    Discuss or ask questions about individual crystals.

    Discuss Crystal Jewellery and maybe even share tips on how to make jewellery or learn how.


    Crystal Balls or Pendulums, Dowsing or Divining, or crystal oracle sets, discuss them all here.


    Crystal Skulls

    36 posts

    A home for all discussion about Crystal Skulls

  12. Psychic Forum

    Psychic Forum

    1,053 posts

    Are you psychic? Are we all psychic? What is a psychic? How to improve your psychic abilities. Find our answers here.

    NB: Psychic abilities are about sensing and feeling and seeing the living - they are not about talking to or seeing the dead, or any afterlife, or spirit.


    Sometimes things happen that we want an explanation for. Bangs in the night, voices when no-one is there or something we saw. Ask away here and we will try and point you in the right direction


    Deep Discussions

    1,873 posts

    This is the place for those deep, thought provoking discussions, philosophise or debate, change attitudes and share views....

  13. The Laboratory Forum

    To explore and excite, to find new reading methods, to test traditional ones and to inject some fun into everyday reading experiences....

  14. Astrology


    187 posts

    Discuss all about the different kinds of Astrology here.

  15. Our Reading Rooms - Over 18's only

    Please read the posts here first, before, requesting a reading, the information will help you get the best experience possible.

    Please place all your READING REQUESTS FOR A FREE TAROT READING here in a new thread.

    Crystal Tarot

    The home of our resident bunny Madame Marigold.  Mad, fun, readings for entertainment.

    ✫ Enter at your own risk and its best to bring carrots ✫

    Crystal Tarot

    Palmistry Reading Requests - Have you ever wondered what secrets the lines in your hands hold? Let's take a closer look at palmistry..

    Crystal Tarot
  16. Soul Alternative

    Ancient Cultures.

    196 posts

    Learn about and discuss the different ways of the Native American, shaman, medicine woman or elders, their everyday practices, their history and culture. Egyptian, Native American, Mayan


    Vampires, werewolves or wierdos? This area is liberally sprinkled with garlic and decorated with mirrors. Find out whats true and whats not...

  17. Soul Witch

    Witches, Wizards or Wica - Discuss and share your thoughts here. Not just for Halloween some of us are witches all year round.

    Spell Craft

    228 posts

    All about Spells and Healing Herbal remedies.
    A tickety-boo how to.


    Our very own cave and coven of secrecy and sparkle.
    A place to gather our thoughts and energy and share our experiences wth care and kindness.

  18. The Tarot Club Forum

    Come and find out who we are, what we do and how to join us...

    General Discussion

    419 posts

    For all the main Tarot Club chat and discussion.

    Pick a card and discuss it!


    This forum is all about supporting other readers. Share your tips for better readings or discuss difficult situations.


    Deck Discussion

    2,540 posts

    Discuss your favourite Tarot or Angel/Oracle card decks here.



    The Tarot Book

    31 posts

    Pull a card and continue the story or start your own thread and story - please give the card name and the deck you use


    Test and see what really happens in these experiments, all for fun and entertainment of course!

    Crystal Tarot

    Tarot Workshops

    278 posts

    This is our workshop area all about Tarot. Just click on the topic above to go to that workshop, then feel free to join in!



    As we discuss each card in the Major Arcana we take the Fool's Journey from the start to the start, coming full circle once more and beginning once again with new knowledge.


    No posts here yet

    Crystal's Tarot

    31 posts

    Follow the way I read Tarot.

    - no remembering

    - no heavy learning

    - responsible reading

    - just a simple and effective way.

    Build on your own intuition and develop your sensitivity.

    Crystal Tarot
  19. Soul Development Chat Rooms

    Posts about planned chats and chat times

  • Soul Development NEWS

    SD News

    Today we have started our discussions on the Lenormand decks, the first to be discussed is the Under The Roses Lenormand deck by Kendra Hurteau & Katrina Hill.

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