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Crystal Wolf

Dedicated Readers - what are they? who are they? how do I become one?

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Crystal Wolf

As part of our continuously striving to improve our Reading Areas we have now created the 'Dedicated Readers' team.

Q.) How do I know who is a Dedicated Reader?
A.) The member will have the title on the left hand panel of their posts.

Q.) What is a Dedicated Reader?
A.) These are members that have experience of giving readings online and in this forum. They have proved that they are reliable and responsible and dedicated to giving reading on this forum.

Q.) How do I become a Dedicated Reader?
A.) PM Crystal Tarot or WolfSong or email info@soul-development.co.uk giving us some details of your reading experience and why you want to become part of the team.

Q.) Who are the Dedicated Readers?
A.) Here is the current list....

Crystal Tarot
Grandmother Wolf

No other readers are allowed to post readings on the forum or in the Reading Room. If they do the posts will be removed.

I hope you agree that this will be a good addition to our forum

Please note that all readings are the responsibility of the reader and should be viewed as entertainment.

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Crystal Wolf

Our Dedicated Readers Team - Code of Ethics.

• I will not knowingly give readings for under 18's.

• I will use Tarot responsibly and will not use it for prediction or fortune telling.

• I will not give readings about finances, health, pregnancy, or the gender of babies.

• I will not give readings for third parties, but will suggest that they join and request their own.

• As a reader, I will be open minded, honest and non-judgemental.

• All readings given on this forum will be posted on view to all members.

• All readings given on this forum will be totally free.

• All readings will aim to empower the seeker.

• All seekers will be treated with respect.

• If at any time I feel unable to give a reading I will withdraw with tact and care.

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