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Crystal Wolf

How To Improve Your Reading Experience.

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Crystal Wolf

Have you made a request but are still waiting for a reply?

Here are some tips to help you improve your chances of being given a reading and to help you get the best reading you can.

1.) Have you read the rules and guidelines at the top of the page?

2.) If you are a new member have you posted an introduction? It is always polite to introduce oneself. If you were walking into a room wouldn't you say hello? We like to feel that the members we give readings to are part of our community and that they are not just here for a free reading, so it always helps to be an active member and to make posts.

3.) Is your request polite? Did you say please or just "I want a reading!" You can always add to your request in a reply, perhaps adding more information or detail.

4.) Think about the wording of your request and question. Is the subject allowed under our rules and guidelines? Is your request asking for a simple Yes or No? How would you feel if the reading just said that, a one word reading, yes or no? Would you be happy with that? Would you want more? Are you infact ready for the answer?

Have you asked a question that takes away your personal power and gives the decision making over to the reader like "Should I leave him?" "Should I move out?" Try re-wording these to more empowering questions like, "How can I improve my relationship?" "How can I improve my homelife?"

Have you asked for a general reading? Sometimes these readings can sound as though they are made out of boredom and as a test for the reader and some of our readers will not respond to a request for a general reading, they prefer to answer a question instead as it implies that the seeker has actually thought about why they want the reading. You can always add a question or subject area to your request by replying to your own post smile3.gif

5.) Our Readers have lives too and may not be available to give readings immediately. Our Dedicated Readers give freely of their time and energy and all at no cost to you! We all have real lives to cope with and work, holiday or illness can mean that sometimes a Reader is not available straight away, or even for a few days or at busy times, a week. Please be patient. Do not PM the Reader, or post chasing the reading.

6.) We do not guarantee that by making a request you will get a reading. The decision to read is up to each of our Readers and it is their choice which readings they do or do not give.

7.) Asking for a specific Reader may mean a longer wait. But if you want a specialist reading that only one reader can provide then please be extra patient.

8.) Giving feedback is an essential way to help our readers grow and improve their reading skills. Did you get a reading before but didn't give feedback? If you do not acknowledge that a reading has been given, (a short thanks doesn't take a moment) it can put other readers off giving their time and energy to giving you another reading. How do we even know you have bothered to read it?

9.) Have you had several readings in a row? Ask yourself if you really need another reading so soon? Have your circumstances changed that much? Are you asking for another reading so soon just because it is free? Asking for a reading month after month may mean that our Readers concentrate on giving readings to those members who have not yet had one.

10.) Priority will be given to requests from active members. An active member is one who takes part in the community by posting and joining in threads and conversations. If a member only pops up once a month for a reading we retain the right to refuse that request until they are an active member.

The readings given here will be mini-readings that are posted for all to see therefore no sensitive, recognisable or delicate information will be given.

Need a Reading Now? - If you would like a longer more in-depth reading or one that is completely private and confidential please consider paying for one from one of our Dedicated Readers where you can be assured of their complete attention and support. The fees go towards the upkeep of the community and help us to continue to be free from outside advertisements. Full information about this service is given here Private Readings

If you have any concerns or complaints about any of the readings or Readers here, please pm them to myself or FreeSprit in the first instance so that we are aware and can help to ameliorate the situation and improve our community.

Please note:


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Crystal Wolf

Moving to top and adding clause 10, Active member

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it was quite a while ago that I had politely asked for a reading and the only answer I had recieved was from someone saying why would you want someone to read your future and have power and control over your life by givng you a reading? I was like hmmm and confused.... and then I had no internet for the longest time...so I forgot about my request...I really do care about this place and really have enjoyed it in the past and did my best to contribute and be a part of this community when I was able to...recently in my life I wasn't as proactive about studying and learning how to better myself so I hadnt' come back here...and now I am back and I remember I did ask very politely and was pretty active at the time here in contributing advice and my story with others...so I hope I am still worthy of a reading, I really do care about all of you guys : )

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Crystal Wolf


Did you read the response that was posted to your request here http://www.psychic-f...20 I think that you may have misunderstood the reply as there is no mention of the future?

It is never a matter of being worthy or unworthy at all, please don't every think that you are unworthy, nothing could be further from the truth.

Your question was about abilities "I guess my biggest questions are about any intuitive abilities I have. I know I have some."

and the reader simply replied by asking you a question and as no response was following the thread was closed.

Why not think about what you really want to know and then post your request in a new thread, but first please read the response of the old one.

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