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Why werewolves?

Well, I didn't always know why I found them so fascinating, but something about them was familiar to me.

In time I learned to recognize the aggression and the power in their faces and finally I was able to explain what made them so unique! Even though they took on another form, they were emotional and that was something easy for me to connect to. Unlike all my friends who lavished over vampires in a way that seemed so fanatical, in werewolves I found a connecting source for which I could relate. Emotion.

I was very gregarious and it was simply easy for me to be energetic as a kid, and even into my high school years I was still hyper and lively. I was also very passionate which made for heated debates and raw tempers. I was much like a werewolf, prone to tempered outbreaks like a transformation- and then back to human society where my wolfish skin was shed and I was forced to live in the guise of man. I decided- I was a werewolf.

So instead of coating myself in fur and fangs like a crazy person, I've decided to get a werewolf tattoo on my left shoulder blade. It's to represent one part of my self that is uncontrolled and emotional. It may not always be pretty or be what people want to see, but it is a part of me.

To counter balance all of this craziness I've also decided to tattoo a few Wolf's Bane flowers onto my left foot or ankle- to symbolize control.

I think its a nice healthy balance I think!

I would love to know if anyone else has an affinity for any creatures of mythology and what they mean for you! Do tell~


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Is there maybe a connection to lore of shapeshifting into power animals?

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I too, have always had an affinity toward werewolves and the sense of familiarity. A bit curious. My daughter shares the same affinity and we sometimes talk about how we must have been werewolves in a past life. Seems possible. I notice I am often upset by werewolf movies; they are almost always depicted as evil blood thirsty creatures, but that does not feel right to me
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