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Thank-you for posting your replies, very interesting both xxx


Crystal Leader lol new name in the making?

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im a newbie in every sense of the word. i became interested in tarot a few months ago and decided this is way to much to try to learn. im lazy by nature.  i was watching a reality show and they had to body paint tarot cards on the models and i found myself trying to remember what each card meant generally. then i started reading a book and there was a medium in the book that read tarot to help spirits cross over (its a fiction) and got myself all mesmerized again with it. so yesterday i broke out my cards and started to play with them. i read a book by lisa chamberlain regarding the meanings upright and reversed. she wrote the book in a way that i could grasp pretty easily. so here i am hoping that i meet some great new friends that i can take my tarot journey with. i also have a crowley-thoth but havent even opened the box. 

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I was going to ask a lot of these questions then found this post already here! :) Great reading everyone's stories, experiences and journeys. 


I remember tarot since I was young. My mum had a deck that she kept in a drawer by the bed and I often used to take them out and sit and look through the cards. I was fascinated by the images on them, I have that same deck today in my collection. I was always interested in the esoteric, mystical and magical but had never really learned to read myself. I had collected crystals etc. all my life then one day as I was visiting a client for some design work at her house, I found out that she read tarot as a job. She offered me a reading as I was there and I was happy to have one! It was really accurate and afterwards she asked if I read, which I didn't at the time. She put random cards down and asked me to say what I felt and saw in them, just from sight. She recommended afterwards that I had a go at learning to read and gave me an old book of hers to start with. I moved away shortly after so I didn't keep in touch but it gave me the drive to look into it more and I started to collect decks! 


My first was Radiant Rider-Waite, I bought it for myself. I was used to seeing this deck but liked the colourful vibrancy of the images. I have 7 decks at the moment, my go-to deck is the Witches Tarot by Ellen Dugan which was a gift from my best friend. I also have the Silver Witchcraft Tarot from my brother which I'm currently dedicating some time to. The court seemed very basic at first and I struggled but after reading the guide I'm getting a lot more from it.


I have read for friends and family but mainly I read for myself :)





How did you first become interested in tarot?

What was your first deck? Did you buy it yourself or were you given it?

How many decks do you have?

What deck do you mostly use?

Do you read for others or do you use it for personal development only?

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How interesting, thanks for posting that, I love hearing about other people's decks.

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