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The Celitic Cross Tarot Spreads

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I have been reading various books and come across different versions of the celtic spread ,do I go with the descriptions in the book that was written by the people who created the particular deck or do I read what I feel more comfortable with ,the only difficulty is that I would prefare to read the spread as after 1 and 2 then 3 and 4 being past and possibilities then 5 and 6 as aims and resources respectively whilst my book says something different ,hope this makes some sense
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There are a few ways of laying and reading the Celtic Cross. The celtic cross spreads mimics stone crosses carved around the world.


The spread usually has ten cards with another as the significator that is laid first right in the middle under card 1. The circle is taken off the top and the spine is laid to the right.

Below is one way that it may be laid and it isn't my favourite as it is hard to use and has religious overtones as the cards are laid as if one is crossing oneself in prayer and then laying a blessing down.


I prefer to use a more non denominational celtic cross that has the same depth but is far more logical and easier to read.

The cards are laid as follows
1 in the very middle
2 turned sideways across card 1
3 placed beneath card 1 and 2
4 placed to the left
5 placed above
6 to the right
7 at the bottom of the staff
8 above 7
9 above 8
10 above 9


The cards are read as follows

1 - What [b]covers[/b] You
2 - What [b]crosses[/b] You
3.- What lies [b]beneath[/b]
4 - What lies[b] behind[/b] You
5 - Your [b]beliefs[/b] above You
6 - What lies [b]before[/b] You

7 - Your[b] attitude[/b]
8 - Your[b] home[/b]
9 - Your[b] hopes[/b]
10 - Your[b] goal[/b]

Some of the cards are also read in pairs and lines to get a very in depth reading.
For instance cards 4 1, 2, and 6 give information basically cycling from past card 4 through present cards 1 and 2 to the potential events that lie before the seeker in card 6.

Then we can also read card 3 as what lies in the subconscious, beneath events, through cards 1 and 2 which are the conscious present mind to card 5 which is what lies above and your spiritual beliefs and higher consciousness.

But there are lots of ways, I could go on forever lol :)

Does that help at all?
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Thanks Crystal Tarot ,Yes the second one you called nondenominational is the spread I felt most comfortable with I don't know why I felt so strongly against the first one but it didn't seem right for me
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Yes a lot of people don't like the first one, of course within reason you can change the layout to suit yourself just it must be done before any cards are shuffled or laid so they have a chance of getting into the right positions.
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