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Messages From Angels.

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Hi everyone.I would like to share with you all a little story about when my wife became pregnant with my daughter.

Every morning i sit in meditation for around 30 to 45 minuits and on this one morning in particular i felt a strong urge to open up my eyes  in the middle of the meditation.When i opened my eyes i saw a bubble emerge out of the carpet and in the bubble was a tiny baby.For a few seconds i watched this baby in a bubble rise from the carpet and up through the air towards the ceiling.As soon as the bubble disapeard my mind became very active questioning what had happend and in no time at all the thought came to me,perhaps my wife is pregnant.


Later on that morning i nervously mentioned what i had seen to my wife half expecting her to book me in to see a psychiatrist but i was amazed when she calmly admitted that i might be right and she could well be pregnant.Over the next day i became more and more convinced that i was right and also that it  was going to be a girl.Within a few days she went and did a pregnancy test at our local doctors and we were told that they would have the results at around 5pm the same day.


We were both very nervous about going to the doctors to get the result as we had been wanting another baby ever since our son was born 12 and a half years before but within seconds of getting in to the waiting room i got what i believe to be a message from my guardian angel to say (yes you will be a dad again and everything will be just fine).The message came in the form of music and it just happend to be the song that i liked and played more than any other song.No sooner than we got inside the doctors i heard George Harrisons song (my sweet lord) start playing.As soon as i heard it i instantly new for sure that i would be a dad again and in no time at all the receptionist told us,yes you are pregnant.


There has been millions of songs recorded in the history of music but my sweet lord is the only song that could have been  played to give me peace of mind and tell me that i was right and tell me everything would be alright.The song my sweet lord goes in to the Hare Krishna mantra and at that time  i was in to Krishna consiousnes in a big way.It was the first and only time that i have heard music playing in that docters surgery and both me and my wife both heard it.I have no doubt at all that that song was a message from my guardian angel.


Throughout the course of my wifes pregnancy i had visions in meditation of my daughter at different stages of her life and she is now two and a half years old and looks exactly the same as  i saw her.I also on many ocaisions awoke in the night to see angels in the bedroom with us during pregnancy and i will write of some of these angel encounters in the coming weeks.


I would be very pleased if anyone would like to comment or ask me any questions about this story.I also would like to hear other peoples angel stories as there does not seem to be many on here to read.


Lots of love Ocean/David xxx





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Thanks for sharing ocean :)  


I think most people have strange and unusual things happen to them in their life but,  it is up to the individual how they perceive and interpret the experience. As long as something positive is taken away from the experience and it enriches their life, I don't think it really matters if we believe it to be paranormal or otherwise. Each experience is solely for the individuals benefit, I believe. However I think that sometimes sharing a wonderful experience can be of benefit to others.


I myself, do believe in Angels and over the years have had far too many experiences to convince me that it is just down to coincidence. Being a down to earth person though, I still question my experiences even though, so far, most of them are unexplainable. I suppose that doesn't necessarily mean that they are not explainable , just that I have not found a suitable explanation  yet.


I think some people might not like to share Angel stories, because their experience is so  beautiful that they are afraid of finding a rational experience for their experience. Whether right or wrong, sometimes a belief can give a person hope and strength. :)




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Thanks for that Legna.

You are right.I too think it is nice to share amazing experiences with others and i am wanting to do this on this website in the hope that anyone who reads these stories can benefit in some way from them.Just possibly someone may read one of these stories who is feeling a little bit down and with a bit of luck it may brighten up their day in some way or make a disbeliever have a rethink about what they believe.


I do speak with my guardian angel and my spirit guides and i have had loads of awesome out of this world experiences that most people would not believe so I feel it is important to share these stories and let people know that there is much more to life than they think.


I think there are lots of people that are having angel,spirit guide and psychic experiences out there but they are afraid to tell of them for fear of ridicule so i am hoping that if i speak openly of the things that have happend to me then just maybe others will write of their experiences on here too.I will write about more of my angel experiences on here each week.


I would love to read about some of your experiences  Legna. Share them with us please.

Thanks again.Lots of love Ocean/David xxx

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