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About Our Reading Room - Please Read Before Requesting A Reading

Crystal Wolf

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This is The Reading Room. Only Soul-Development's team of Dedicated Readers can post readings and advice here. All other readings, comments, or advice from members other than the seeker/ the person making the request will be removed.

To be considered for inclusion as part of our 'Dedicated Reader' team, please read the post here. Dedicated Readers

TO ALL NEW MEMBERS - Please be polite and post telling us about yourself here Welcome New Members before requesting a reading or your post is likely to be ignored.

Reading Room rules and guidelines for all members:-

1.) Please note the following are unsuitable subjects for a public reading - health, baby gender,  pregnancy and trying to conceive - and you should contact your health professional offline for advice.

Third party readings (a third party reading is a reading for someone else) instead of asking for a reading for another please ask that person to join and then they can request their own reading.

2.) Any photo must only show the member seeking the reading and no-one else.

3.) ALL reading requests and readings are to be posted on the forum and not sent via private messenger. Please report any pm's that break this rule.

4.) We ask that only one reading be requested in this Reading Room forum in a month. Members seeking multiple readings in a short period of time may have their requests removed. This is because multiple readings can give conflicting advice and confuse the seeker leading them to become dependent on readings. Asking for multiple readings from different readers does not respect or honour the reader and the time and energy that they give freely when reading. Therefore only one reading per request should be given and all other readings will be removed.

5.) Please be kind and give feedback to our readers.

6.) Please note that evidentiary medium readings are not allowed on the forum at the moment, as these are more suited to face to face reading situations where the proper support and care can be given if needed.

7.) A member must be over 18 to receive a reading.

8.) Please note ALL posts made here will be pre-moderated - this does not mean you have made a bad post or done anything wrong it is just so that we can monitor all the readings and replies made.

9.) Priority will be given to requests from active members. An active member is one who takes part in the community by posting and joining in threads and conversations. If a member only pops up once a month for a reading, or only ever asks for readings and doesn't take part in the community as a whole, we retain the right to refuse that request until they are an active member. Likewise we expect members to have taken part in the community, by posting, before making a request. Posts made in this area will not increase your post count.

10) Giving a reading takes a lot of time and energy and patience, and only our team of Dedicated Readers may read here. Please bear this in mind when making your request, and be patient whilst a reader is found. We reserve the right to move suitable requests to the Practice Reading Room, so that readers are given the opportunity to practice their skills.

11) We do not guarantee that all requests will be filled Our readers are real people with real life commitments and one may not be available when you make your request. Please note that it is ONLY a request, not a demand or contract.

12.) Our readings are uplifting and encouraging and offer enlightenment and inspiration whilst giving support to your situation. Remember: The Future Is Not Set In Stone!

This is a trial of new guidelines and may be subject to change. Requests that break these basic rules will be removed.

All readings are for entertainment only and remain the responsibility of the reader. Soul-Development is not responsible for any consequences of reading requests or readings given. Please note these readings should be viewed as "entertainment" only; it does not substitute for the consultation of medical, psychological, legal or financial professionals. This reading is not legally binding. Your future is not set in stone it is what you make it by your actions, words, and deeds.




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