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Crystal Wolf

New Year's Honours List 2014

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Crystal Wolf

Well what a year, lots of new members swelling us to over 7,000!!
A lot of members come and join and find answers to their questions then drift off, we should all feel happy that we have created somewhere that people can come and share in safety, without fear. YOU have all helped create this and for that WolfSong and I thank-you all.
I think that the member that should receive a Soul-Development New Year's Honour 2014 is LEGNA!

Legna is angel backwards, and an angel she has turned out to be, tirelessly welcoming members, posting her thoughts and advice and offering support. to all. Thank-you! Keep on posting!


There are too many other members that deserve a mention but I will offer my heartfelt thanks to Poppy and Crystal Dreamer our two Soul Guardians that watch over us and help everyone enjoy the forum more, so big thanks to your two :)



Lastly but perhaps the most important for keeping the forum running and designing all the wonderful themes we use throughout the year is WOLFSONG, Thank-you


So now, just left to wish everyone a very Happy New Year 2015  xxxxxx




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