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Crystal Wolf

Mindful Breathing

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Crystal Wolf

It can be important to calm our breathing. There are several benefits to concentrating on our breathing and in fact this is an important part of understanding Mindfulness and how we can help make our day easier.


Without breathing we would die! Obvious, but sometimes we do not realise we are holding our breath.

At times of stress we may sub-consciously breath faster or slower or just stop and gasp or be silent.


Right now think about your breathing.


Has it suddenly become something that you have to think about - breathing in and out?

Moments ago you were happily breathing without thinking, part of the autonomous life force of the body.


Now I bet you can change when you take a breathe, choose when you inhale and exhale, how long between each.



Take a few moments to play with your breath  (Obviously make sure you are comfortable and not feeling faint or unwell)

then carry on reading.....




Q. When we are exposed to a stressful situation, pain, anger, fear, or work stress or an argument, or even something very small that just makes us flip,  what can we do to try and take charge and calm ourself?


Stress can cause the 'fight or flight' reflex in the body. Adrenaline and Cortisol flood the body, our heart races and our breathing speeds. This is a very old reflex of a prey animal, the chemicals and hormones are produced and the body is put into a state of readiness to either run from the problem or fight the problem. Obviously very necessary to the ancient human race but nowadays it can be a bit of an obstacle to being calm.


So how can we combat this age old mechanism?


A. Breathing of course!


Calming ourselves by controlling our breathing.


Taking charge of ourself once again.


Breath in slowly through the nose  (the nose filters particles and warms the breath)




Breath out slowly through the mouth.







You can add in counting when you breath


IN -  1, 2, 3, 4, 5,


OUT - 6, 7, 8, 9, 10.


or if you are more comfortable with different numbers then use those longer or shorter. You can even just say slowly Innnnn  and then Outttttt if that is easier.


When we concentrate on our breathing we are being mindful of our presence in the moment, THIS MOMENT right now, who we are, where we are and what we are really doing as well as how we are behaving all in that one single moment of breathing.


Why not try this for a few days and then come back and share what it was like :)

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