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Crystal Wolf

Listen to the moment.

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So what is Mindfulness?

It is one of those terms that doctors bandy about when people go to them for help,
perhaps to overcome stress or anxiety, depression or mental illness.
But what does it really mean and how can it help us?

-- Let's imagine you are at home or work, you choose. 

Pick a room and imagine you are sitting typing on your computer/laptop or phone. 
Imagine you are typing something to the forum or facebook
and someone comes into the room but you do not look up.
You are too busy typing just wanting to finish the text or post.
The person realises you are too busy for them and leaves the room,
just as you have finished typing, but it is too late, they are gone.

Now, let's try that again...

You are in the room busy typing and someone walks in.
You immediately stop typing and look up and smile.

What a difference! But that is not true mindfulness just one aspect.

Now try this small exercise one -

Sit quietly, hands relaxed and follow your breathing, 
steady in and out, as deep as you like,
In and out, slow and calm.

Now use your ears, listen, what can you hear?

Make a quick list, just jot down a few things like this,
Birds singing.

Now CLOSE your eyes and do the same thing,
Listen again, what can you hear now, do you notice different sounds?
Does your list change?
What is the quietest sound you can hear, the loudest?

If you would like to join in and post your experiences please do :)

We are on the way to understanding mindfulness and being mindful
which can help us become a more relaxed and calm person :)

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I practice mindfulness. For example the other day I was typing a reply to an email. The computer kind of locked up on me so that I could not continue typing. I opened another link and selected a forum. It was also sluggish and not responsive. Now I know for me these things do not happen without a reason. I asked myself about that email reply which in my mind was appropriate. What I receive for an insight was that it was best to say nothing more on this matter. So I closed both links and reconnected to the internet. After I did that everything worked normally for me.


There are many ways to be mindful for sure. In my view, the more we are willing to listen to spirit the more spirit will speak to us in ways we can notice. I have no proof for this however because we are all unique in the ways we operate our spiritual connection. How I have evolved this mindfulness may not work for another. It is impotent to believe and trust that we are loved and that spirit is watching and looking over us all the time.

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Oh John, How many times does that happen to me? Thank-you for posting that. It made me smile and who knows maybe when I pause because the computer will not work this will help.   :)

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