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I did a spread to see if I accidentally got pregnant!Closed

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Hello everyone, 

I am new to this forum so I hope you can help me! I drew some cards and asked if I had conceived (If I'm pregnant) as I had an accident a couple of nights ago! I cant get a test done yet so thought id ask the cards. I drew 4 cards and this was the order (All in present) 

7 Of cups, 9 of cups, the world and 3 of cups.



To me the 7 of cups pin points 'The accident' as a starting point and like making bad choices! The 9 of cups to me is pretty similar (You get what you ask for) and I may end up living with my mistake if I am pregnant. Im really unsure on 'The World' it almost sticks out like a saw thumb but i cant make out why its there! I know the 3 of cups is a strong conception card from the power of 3 and celebration. 


To me the world card symbolises travel... The way I have just thought about it could be the actual conception - sperm meets the egg - because then the cards then lead onto the 3 of cups which can symbolise birth. 

To me the cards almost symbolise a short timeline from 'Accident' to the actual question (answer) itself.. 
If anyone can bring together a meaning for all of those together surrounding the subject of pregnancy that would be incredible! 


Thoughts anyone on the 4 card spread?


I did another lot of cards to extend my curiosity! 

What cards symbolise 'days' or 'how many days' 

I know the months from my own research! 

My first question:

When shall I take a pregnancy test? 

I got: The 6 of wands! 

To me that could be the 6th of next month! plus the card has a christmas reef in the picture! 

My second question: 

Will i get a positive result: 

I got: The sun, 9 of cups, The star and the knight of wands.

The sun could be a yes and could also signify a boy,  the 9 of cups could represent the whole pregnancy.. and I'm not sure about the star, i always think of 'Hope' so maybe it brings me some hope and happiness for the future? 

Then the knight of wands at the end.. this is where I get confused? To me the knight of wands is energetic and career minded! who does that represent? me? I am a business owner! or someone else?

Hope you all can help extend smile.gif

Thank you, 

Love & Light xxx

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Hi, Please go and see your doctor as soon as possible. It is not ethical to use the Tarot for readings such as this.

I wish you well and hope that everything turns out how you wish.

This thread is now locked.

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