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Mrs A

pairs in a reading

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Hi, im looking for some guidance on the significance of pairs in a reading, can anyone give me some tips please?



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Do you mean when there are two Kings or two 5's that kind of thing? It would all depend on where they were placed and the spread of the cards, the question, deck and so on.

Sometimes there is no extra meaning, sometimes it is obvious, or do you mean reading two cards together in a pair?

Can you give an example then maybe I can be more exact :)



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yes, thats what i mean, when you have a double. In a horseshoe spread of 7 cards, we had 2 tens and 2 kings. The future was the ten of wands and the final outcome was the ten of swords. I took this to mean that if he didn't heed the warning of taking on too much then he will suffer greatly. However this mans life is very stable , he is happy with few problems so we struggled to see a seed in his life that this could point to. the first card was the 3 of pentacles. Nothing in work is changing, he's not in line for a promotion of job change he is a real steady eddy. We had a king of pentacles for how others view him, which is very accurate, he is a good man, sensible hard working, paid the mortgage, savings, job in a large corporation, family man etc, his hopes and fears were the king of wands which I read as him wanting to make more time for creative less material persuits, he is a lover of the countryside and pursues that - he would like to find more time for that.  We also had the page of cups as his current situation, which i took to be his young son, quite, gentle and creative and the best advice from the cards was 2 of cups, i took this to mean that his son will soon be in a very loving relationship. I had wondered if perhaps the warning might relate to his son, who is only just getting into the world of work. His dad is a great example to him and a very good father, maybe it will be his son who might take on too much. Anyway i noticed that we had 2 10's neither of which are good news both in the future positions, i suppose im wondering if mean double trouble if you know what i mean. I did feel that the 2 kings was reasurance that my friend is a very strong and mature man and will be able to deal with whatever the crisis is. would welcome your ideas, thanks.

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Well you seem to have it all pretty covered, but for me to comment further I would need the actual positions that you used? You say that you had ten of Wands as Future, so a lot of hard work, also ignoring everything around him and not stopping to look up and around him, then the ten of Swords as the final outcome?  I would forget his son being part of the reading, that usually just clouds the issues, the reading should be only about the gentleman, whom you seem to know very well?

I am presuming it was the RW deck and I don't suppose you have a pic so you or let me have all the positions/cards (which I know is a pain, sorry) you seem to have done a 7 card horseshoe and I presume the cards were in the order you posted? What was the question though?


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