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Code of Ethics for readings

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Hello I would like to start a new topic of discussion, I am a card reader clairvoyant psychic and have been for the last 30 years. 


I would like to ask fellow readers a question and any advice offered would be appreciated.


Having a trip in Bali I met a Spiritual counsellor who was renting out bedrooms my gut instinct was not to visit.


The short version of the story is after meeting her I nearly died of dengue fever. 


Then they managed to convince me to do a session on skype with my husband for 7 hours where they proceeded to tell me he used to be a murderer

and would leave me.


The question I have is what is the code of ethics for a reader and I am certain that the bad news given returns to them.


Does anyone have any feelings why they would be doing this?



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Welcome Claire :)


Sounds to me like they were trying to frighten & scam you which in my opinion no decent person would do.


Codes of ethics differ from person to person, for instance this is the code of ethics that we ask our dedicated readers to adhere to


Our Dedicated Readers Team - Code of Ethics.
• I will not knowingly give readings for under 18's.
• I will use Tarot responsibly and will not use it for prediction or fortune telling.
• I will not give readings about finances, health, pregnancy, or the gender of babies.
• I will not give readings for third parties, but will suggest that they join and request their own.
• As a reader, I will be open minded, honest and non-judgemental.
• All readings given on this forum will be posted on view to all members.
• All readings given on this forum will be totally free.
• All readings will aim to empower the seeker.
• All seekers will be treated with respect.
• If at any time I feel unable to give a reading I will withdraw with tact and care.


If you do a forum search you will find a few other threads/posts that cover the same subject. 

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