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ughhh.. i just cant stop myself.. help! lol

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good morning to my inspirations :)

yesterday while at the drs office i was studying the cards (just to keep myself busy during the wait) and as much as i study the card and come up with interpretations i cant help but check myself with a book. crystal t been on me about it. lol

im just saying... my interpretation was wayyyy off. i mean how do they get these meanings from the card? i look at it and its like dang, not even close. 

also, how important is it that i understand the elements in relation to the suit? 


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If everyone quoted the meanings from a book then everyone would give the same reading wouldn't they?


situations change every second because every one of us is constantly making decisions, changing our minds, making choices which will significantly change our futures. So do you think your way of reading should be rigid and fixed like out of a book? or do you think how you see the card at that moment.... with your mind interpreting all of the micro things that are happening all around you in that instant... your intuition changing... but at that moment when you read the card... maybe you see the card in a different light which highlights something... maybe you notice something that you haven't before.. is that important? does it change the way that you feel about the card?? or do you just stick to what the book says and that is it. If the book is giving the meanings... who is doing the reading? you or the book?


Hope this helps!! :)


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sooo true llyr.  i guess my thought is if i'm just making things up in my mind then none of the generalized meanings mean anything, kwis? i guess thats where i'm struggling the most. i dont want to just make up things cause then whats the point?. everybody would be grabbing a deck and just throwing out their thoughts (or intuition) and nothing would mean anything.  sigh... i dont know. if the cards mean something totally different to everybody why are there books with generalizations. i guess i just need to chill on this and see where my heart leads me. once my boss leaves im'a break out my deck and give it another try i suppose. please know that the inflection that i'm writing this is absolutely sincere. i'm not trying to trip anybody up. I really really want to learn. but i dont wana be fake. does that make any sense?? Thanks!

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Perhaps your interpretation is the correct one for you rather than someone else's interpretation. I do not read Tarot, but play around with Lenormand. Even though there is much less leeway for interpretation with Lenormand, I find that some cards constantly come up with a different meaning from what the books say. Although, many if not most, will disagree, I believe that our intuition of a Tarot card's meaning to a particular question is often much more accurate than the book answers. Perhaps a person who is given a Tarot deck but never looked at a book, but just studied the cards, would become an excellent reader. 

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Makes total sense... the book gives generalisations because they are open to interpretation, and people interpret things differently all of the time. Don't try and complicate it, it is a form of divination, I have found that applying logic to the cards is useless.


Its not a case of making things up it is a case in seeing and feeling what the cards are telling you at that moment. Making things up is pointless.


I guess it is like when you look at a piece of artwork, or listening to an opera in a foreign language. Some people can just feel the meaning, some people feel the energy. You have to have belief in yourself and what you are seeing or feeling because it is personal to you.

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Ignore the elements for the time being & concentrate on the major cards to start off with.


If you have a pen & a piece of paper handy try this exercise.


Write a list of the major cards on your piece of paper & then put the majors cards from your deck back in order.


Look at each card in turn & see what it makes you feel then write down a couple of words/phrases that fit the picture, something that springs to mind when you first see each card. Don't spend too long on each card as it's first impressions that count no matter how strange or whacky.


Here's an example from the tarot course Crystal held back in 2011. 


Universal Waite Deck
The Fool - carefree, first step, not looking where your going
The Magician - creative, power (reminds me of superman with his arm in the air)
The High Priestess - mystery, hiding
The Empress - tenderness, having enough
The Emperor - authority, control
The Hierophant - teaching, learning, rules
The Lovers - love, choices
The Chariot - victory, success
Strength - strength, determination
The Hermit - alone, stillness, seeking
The Wheel of Fortune - cycles, change of direction
Justice - fairness, balance
The Hanged Man - suspension, letting go
Death - ending, transition, re-birth
Temperance - moderation, composure
The Devil - struggle, hopelessness
The Tower - disruption, falling
The Star - hope, peace of mind
The Moon - shadows, illusions
The Sun - joy, enthusiasm
Judgement - decisions, new direction
The World - happiness, fulfilment




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Crystal Wolf
On 19/01/2017 at 6:57 PM, New_2_Tarot said:

doing that now!



How did you get on?


Wolfie has jumped in straight to the Majors, a great place to start. I can't remember whose focus words those were. It is a very interesting exercise.


I am back home now so will look at opening up a new Tarot Workshop with little exercises so that you can see the bigger picture and jhave a firm base to start with :)

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i think im more logical than mystical, which is ironic seeing how i'm a Christian. I mean whats more mystical than that... :)

i appreciate all of you so much. thanks for the exercises

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