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Guest Sarah

Looking to Develop Psychic Awareness

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Guest Sarah

For the last year or so, I have become drawn to the paranormal and spirituality. I have always considered myself to be intuitive to an extent (and have been told so by a former coworker who has psychic abilities.) In the past, I never let myself explore this side of me out of religiously instilled fear and so forth. Now that I am in my late 20's, I am more self-aware and confident in who I am. In the past, I have had a hand full of odd experiences such as premonitions and lucid dreaming, and several were confirmed by that coworker. At the time, I had just started teaching in my hometown and had little interactions with her. One day, she pulled me aside and told me about her abilities to communicate with the deceased. She said an older religious woman wanted me to leave the school, for my health. I figured out that it was probably my grandmother, who I was very close with as a young child. My coworker did not know that I was having issues with administration and was going to leave anyway. Fast forward, this year of teaching caused so much anxiety that it lead to major depression and eventual sickness. Was this what my grandmother was warning me about? 


For a while afterwards, I felt a very protective presence in my life, but eventually I just pushed it aside. I do believe my grandmother is watching over me is some capacity, a sort of guardian angel. Before she died, she had Alzheimers for 5 years. I had a lucid dream where we had a day together, and I can still remember the content feeling and happiness I felt just being with her in the dream. Before the dream ended, she told me she wanted me the know that she loved me. I woke up from the dream with my heart pounding, shocked. Even if I was 12, I knew this was not a typical dream. As an adult, I believe she astro projected, since she was in and out of lucidness. 


I want a place where I can develop my intuition and psychic power and share it with people. I fear sharing too much with people in my life, out of fear of judgement or condemnation. I am in the very beginning stages. I am starting crystal therapy, in an attempt to relieve physical pain for chronic sickness. I have been working with Bloodstone and recently experienced precognition. I had a dream about getting stuck in the middle of train tracks because the crossing arms came down on my car. Tonight I was driving, and I heard the train as I approached, so I was being cautious. As I crossed, the arms started flashing and were about the come down on me. Remembering the dream, I hurried and backed up. I immediately felt that goose bump kind of feeling, realizing my dream was no ordinary dream. 


Half of me was a little skeptical about the crystals, but I think it has helped, along with me being open to developing my psychic abilities. I am excited that I have proof of my progress and feel that protective energy surrounding me. I wanted to share where I am in my life, to see if it fits with this site and maybe we can both benefit from each other. There is power in numbers. :)

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Crystal Wolf

Hi Sarah,


You have written a lot there and on the 'public' and 'open' side of the forum. Perhaps you might consider registering as a member and then we might look at all the aspects of your situation as there are many here that have had similar experiences and have similar beliefs :)

Look forward to seeing you join, I hope.

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