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      Soul-Development   02/12/2017

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Overactive Clairvoyance?

So lately ive been having random visions come to me and its been worse than usual sometimes i get nonsense flowing in alot. Im fairly certain its related to my overactive third eye chakra.sometimes i get visions that are actually real. For example i might try zener cards and the answer might come to my head but then other stuff starts coming in and i get confused what to believe. Does anyone know how i can balance my clairvoyance? All these visions are really starting to be exhausting.


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Yes, you need to learn the grounding and protection techniques so that you are able to control your senses more.


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I found writing the visions in a journal helped.

Information can sometimes be cryptic, and then other times more literal.

Writing grounds 'received' information and gets it out of our heads.

Learning to switch psychic abilities off/on is a must, especially for those susceptible to overload, are experiencing stress or have underdeveloped filters.

In my early yrs of practice, information was coming from all directions; even brushing up against someone in the street 'tagged' me to their energy.

So cleansing mind body and spirit, a healthy diet, exercise and good quality sleep is essential. It's a lifestyle necessary for ongoing balance between physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.




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