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Crystal Wolf

Summer Holidays Are Here!

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So we are facing the end of July and for many of us we are facing summer holidays, relaxing by the pool, reading a book in the sun or just chilling not having the rush of the school run.


Often at this time forums get quieter, busy parents looking after their families, people flying off to sunny places for a rest. But in today's world instead of losing internet access and leaving behind all our friends for a time we now may take our phones and tablets and laptops with us and keep in contact. But, most people are now using the dreaded f word and the instant ping of gratification as someone answers, knowing they are not alone rather than taking the time to make a forum post and then wondering if anyone actually ever read it or why no-one can be bothered to reply.


Recently, a few very good, very large forums closed their doors, the members had given up and instead used social media. I wonder how long forums will actually be able to keep going as the software gets harder to use, more complicated, with more changes and fixes.


Well this post isn't all doom and gloom, there is a glimmer of hope and light at the end of the tunnel here, and that is You!

Without people like You there is no point in putting any more hard work in. So I have been thinking deeply, yet again, lol.


My bright and cheerful, sunny desert island beach is back where it belongs as the main focus for this summer and as I sit beneath my palm tree I am wondering what is next. So, over to You.


Have a great summer unless of course you are in the southern hemisphere in which case wrap up warm :)

















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