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Clairvoyance for newbies

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Hi there! 


This is is the first time posting on this forum but I’ll be exploring them further for sure.


A bit of background that leads up to my questions. I’ve always been quite the empath, when I was younger I used to have floods of visions and happenings. I can’t remember too much. Somewhere along the line I lost all this. 


4 months ago I met my twin flame and he has seemed to bring it all back!! I’m getting visions of places, predicting things which I only realise when the event happens, knowing what people are going to say next (or saying it at the same time, particularly around him it’s multiple times a day) my intuition around people is getting stronger and I’m feeling and people’s energies to the max. It was all very overwhelming and confusing at first, my energy is very drained and I feel like my mind is in overdrive.


I have decided now to explore this further, it’s not something I want to lose and on the flip side of it being exhausting I feel very blessed and that I have a wonderful curious life. 


There is one one thing that is frustrating me, I don’t seem to have any control over this at all. I am having visions of things, which I recognise now are always places - I can clearly see and sense the atmosphere, sometimes smell the air. Sometimes I feel (or know?) there are in a different period of time. It seems to happen when my mind is quiet and relaxed (I always have had a problem with ‘chatty mind’). They don’t last long at all, barely enough time to figure out what’s going on, and then they slip away from me, the same as dreams do when you wake up and you try and fight to retrieve it? 


It leaves me feeling very very stunned and confused! 


A few times these images have happened to me at a later date and I’ve stood there in this place and realised that it was one of my visions. It’s been scary and wonderful and exciting at the same time. I had a lovely breathtaking moment with one at the weekend. 

A few questions 

Is this normal for the visions to slip away like that? It’s like my brain is too exhausted to retrieve it back? 


Is there anything I can do to strengthen it? 


What does it mean?


Thank you for reading, I’m very excited but confused about all of this and I’m very tired!! 




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Hello Luna1492 and welcome to the forum.


I find it interesting that meeting a twin flame with often result in a great awakening of some kind which includes improved telepathy.


The visions slip away mostly because you are not yet accostomed to embracing this experience. Your intellect will interfear with the vision you are trying to hold because it thinks it is best to do that.


Being confused is normal and for sure it will tire you out.




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22 hours ago, Luna1402 said:

Hi there! 


This is is the first time posting on this forum but I’ll be exploring them further for sure.



I can remember every single vision as if it had just happened. but I think somehow I 'file' them away so they can be retrierved quickly. I like to think that my mind is organised and uncluttered but it has taken many years to achieve that but it can be done!
Meditation helps, also things like mindfulness - mindemptiness really.
Workign on your own energy fields and aura will help too


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